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As noted in the Frequently Asked Questions, Client Service Tracker is a Microsoft Access database, so to back it up, you make a copy of the database file and store it in a secure place on another computer or on the Internet. Then if there is a crash and you lose Client Service Tracker, you can restore the database file from the copy you made.

There are several ways to make a backup copy of a file, either manually or using a software or service to automate it. A very easy way to set this up is to use an automated service that will back up files from your computer and store them securely on the Internet. Possible choices include Carbonite, Mozy and iDrive. A review of many online backup services can be found here: 40 Online Backup Services Reviewed. The Social Work Software office uses iDrive and has been very satisfied with it. You can set iDrive to back up continuously. The basic service is free and gives you 5 gigabytes of storage, which is more than enough if all you are doing is backing up Client Service Tracker. Other online backup services may also work well for you.

What file should you back up? If you use the setup file to install Client Service Tracker to its default location and you did not make any other location changes (as discussed below), then look in your "Documents" folder, find a subfolder named "Client Service Tracker," and in there find the file with a name that is the same or similar to one shown below:

  • Client Service Tracker Full with Source
  • Client Service Tracker Full
  • Client Service Tracker Demo
  • Client Service Tracker SE Full with Source
  • Client Service Tracker SE Full
  • Client Service Tracker SE Demo

That is the file to back up.

If you have multiple people using Client Service Tracker at the same time and accessing the same data, then you may have "split the database" as discussed on the FAQ page. In that case, the file you want to back up will have one of the names listed above but with "_be" at the end, and this file will be located on the network file server in whatever location you picked when you split the database. Back up the file with "_be" at the end.


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